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Automatic PLC Servo Piston Liquid Pet Glass Bottle Monobloc Salad Olive Soybean Sunflower Edible Oil Bottling Filling Capping Labeling Packing Plant Machine

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

 This model is suitable for PET, PP bottles, glass bottles and Pak, transform bottle easy, and suitable for a variety of combinations of packaging.
Bottle feeding using steel mesh type conveyor breakdown of machine design, arranged in neat rows, can be divided into six rows based on need, or four rows of five rows into the bottle.
Using a robotic arm principle, let the paper and the product reaches the anchor point, and make the product down on paper gently, so that the structure of the machine is more reasonable and more stable and smoothly.


1. Machine use universal brand components, uniform specifications, can be randomly interchangeable;

2. PLC programmable control system is adopted to ensure the accuracy and stability of packaging process control;

3. The conveying speed is adjustable with frequency conversion to achieve good packaging effect;

4. Touch screen control, so that the device action control into a high precision intelligent state. All the actions are monitored, various alarms are given, and the PC status is displayed on the touch screen, which makes the operation of the device more safe and reliable. It can be single-step action, which is convenient for debugging and maintenance. The equipment is equipped with an automatic alarm device to further improve the safety and reliability of the equipment;

5. Pneumatic components using the Airtac brand;

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